WP Ultimate Search v1.4 Released

We’ve just released version 1.4 of WP Ultimate Search to the WordPress repository. We’ve fixed a lot of pesky bugs and added some really exciting new features to both the free and premium versions. In collaboration with FoodTrade.com we’ve added the ability to conduct radius searches against location data stored with the new Advanced Custom Fields Google map field. See the screenshot below for an example:   Or head over to FoodTrade.com to try it out for yourself. In this instance, WPUS is indexing and filtering over 1,000 posts, all in real time!

Introducing Easy Digital Downloads

We’ve just upgraded our sales site to use the Easy Digital Downloads sales system, which will bring a more streamlined sales and support process over Shopp. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that all of the existing sales and license keys were moved over from the previous system, and our hope is that none of our customers will even notice the change, but if you experience any problems purchasing or authenticating our software, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. Thanks!

WP Ultimate Search on the plugins repository

On Wednesday the 27th we received a notice from one of the moderators at the WordPress plugins repository that WP Ultimate Search had been suspended for violating one of the terms in the repository guidelines, concerning how our premium-feature code was hosted and distributed. While we believe we were fully in line with the repository guidelines, we still released an update to address the supposed violations, and did so within an hour of receiving the notice. It’s been four days now and we’ve yet to hear back from anyone at WordPress.org, and WP Ultimate Search still remains suspended. In light 

Well, here goes

We’re excited to be launching the first edition of our new plugin/theme directory and sales portal. We’ll be using this site to provide support and documentation for our numerous WordPress plugins, and to serve as a launching point for our first commercial software. Exciting!